Tan House Newland is an enchanting 17thC Mediterranean villa nestled in its own private grounds in the Newland Valley Estate in the Royal Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire.

Once upon a time


The forest. One of the most loved fairytale settings.

It is a place beyond familiarity.

Representing the unknown where anything can happen.

It is outside of normal experience and is a magical realm.

It is a place of freedom and wildness and transformation, where normal rules no longer apply.

If you go down to the woods today..

A stunning and spellbinding venue for memorable gatherings and celebrations.

Tan House Newland offers luxury accommodation for 20+ with the option of pop-up glamping for larger groups in the summer. Guests are welcome to enjoy the beautiful gardens, meadows and woodland.

Their other offerings include in-house catering and tailor-made experiences as well as fabulous packages for mellow hen nights, retreats and weddings.

Bring your fairytale to life!

Let us help you curate your event! Begin your journey and pen us your dreams.

Tan House
Laundry Lane
Newland Valley Estate
​Royal Forest of Dean
​GL16 8NQ